4 themes. 45,000+ downloads. 1,800+ paying customers. A countless number of websites for churches, ministries, and pastors. All those statistics sound great, but today marks the beginning of a fresh start for ChurchThemes. Along with a brand new website, we are excited to announce ChurchThemes has a new owner.

My name is Chris Wallace and I am one of the founders of Walmedia, LLC, a company founded on straightforward design and easy-to-use websites and applications. Walmedia operates the following businesses: Lift, a user experience design company, UpThemes, a premium WordPress theme provider and IssuePress, automated software customer support. We build with WordPress a ton and work with clients to deliver beautiful experiences on the web. Our work has won Social TV Awards, been nominated for an Emmy, and seen in some of the most successful social media campaigns in the history of the Internet. Need proof? One of our favorite projects was building The Walking Dead® Story Sync.

In terms of our experience building WordPress themes, we currently offer 6 themes from our theme company, UpThemes, and sell some of them on WordPress.com. Some time ago, we dedicated ourselves to the mission of simplicity in our products and have been proud to release themes we love ever since. The latest addition to our theme family is the Uplifted theme, a beautiful theme for churches that makes it easy to build and manage a church website on WordPress.


We plan to take everything we’ve learned building one of the best church WordPress themes and pouring that experience into churchthemes.net, which leads me to the most important question:

What is the Vision for ChurchThemes?

Our goal for ChurchThemes is simple: we want to make it easy for ministries to grow the Kingdom of God. By providing easy-to-use, beautiful themes and web graphics, we want to become your primary resource when it comes to building websites for churches, pastors, faith-based blogs, non-profits, student ministries, and iCampuses.

Redesign of ChurchThemes.net

The new ChurchThemes.net website.

In the long-term, we plan to turn churchthemes.net into a marketplace for select third-party vendors to sell their own faith-based themes, plugins, and creative assets (think sermon series graphics, motion clips, etc.). In addition, we are planning a hosted church website platform designed to make your ministry more effective. We want to take away the burden of managing a website and empower ministers, staff, and volunteers to create more effective, beautiful, engaging faith-based websites.

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