Why should you upgrade to Uplifted?

There’s a lot to like about this theme. For one, it’s built on an entirely different framework than our previous themes. It uses the free Church Theme Content plugin which adds support for sermons, staff, locations, and events. This plugin will be the foundation for all future themes moving forward and Uplifted is just the first of many to support it.

What makes this approach so valuable?

You can easily switch to other themes that work with the CTC plugin. Don’t worry about losing your data when switching between themes anymore.

Themes can now focus on style and appearance, which is what they should do. This also equates to a performance improvement when you use themes with a light footprint like Uplifted.  Plugins change more frequently than themes in many cases. Updating a plugin is normally less likely to break the appearance of your site. We like to keep things from breaking.

In addition to the new framework behind Uplifted, it is also extremely easy to customize with millions of color combinations and the ability to upload your church’s logo and edit almost everything using the Live Customizer.